Sam’s Club

When you think of membership-only retail stores, do you think solely of Costco Wholesale? To be honest, it’s the most famous of its kind after all. But; there is an underdog equally involved in that sector; Sam’s Club, a warehouse club subsidiary under American retail giant, Walmart Inc.

With slightly less than 600 stores within the US and more than fifty-seven billion dollars in revenue, Sam’s Club stands as an indisputable leader in its operation, having an international presence in Asia and other parts of North America.

What Is Sam’s Club?

Sam's Club

Sam’s Club is a retail chain operating a membership-only system that maintains a presence in more than four-fifths of US states and internationally also through Walmart‘s international arm.

Its product offerings include;

  • Housewares
  • Electronics
  • Furniture
  • Grocery supplies
  • Jewelry
  • Health Services

Method Of Sales And Delivery

Most of Sam’s Club sales involve picking up your goods from its brick-and-mortar stores.

However: They offer delivery services with Instacart, including when you shop online.

Also: The basic membership entitles you to free shipping on certain purchases with the Plus membership offering free shipping on most items.

Store Credit Cards

Both the physical stores and the online storefront of Sam’s Club accept Sam’s Club credit cards in payment while its parent company’s Walmart credit card is only accepted in-store.

Sam’s Club App

The Sam’s Club main app, which you can get here, allows you to carry out all your purchases and also scan products as you shop and pay for them, therefore negating a need to join the checkout line entirely.

And then:

Store Membership

As a membership-only retail company, being a member is necessary for you to shop at the Club. When non-members purchase goods, a charge is added to the cost of up to 10%. Membership is split into the regular Sam’s Club Membership, costing $45, and a pricier, comprehensive Sam’s Plus that costs $100.

Naturally: Improved membership leads to increased benefits.

In this case:

  • Cash Rewards of 2% up to $500 on certain goods bought.
  • Free medication prescriptions as much as five.
  • Free shipping on goods ordered on Sam’s

In Conclusion

If you intend to secure membership in a warehouse club, then Sam’s Club is a brilliant option to consider.