Everything To Know About Best Buy

Aren’t you just tired of inefficient retailers? Surely you’ve been searching for other options.


You must have heard of the largest consumer electronics store in the US: BestBuy.com

Here’s a quick rundown of things about the retail store you didn’t know.

First off:

What Is Best Buy?

Everything To Know About Best BuyBest Buy is a retailer with an emphasis on consumer electronics, seeking to bring you the products you desire at an affordable cost.

It isn’t without reason that the company holds as its slogan: Expert Service. Unbeatable Price.

With 1400 stores and a cost 10% less than competitors, that’s hard to beat.


  • Method Of Sales And Delivery

Let’s Talk About What’s Possible, Best Buy says.

When it comes to their method of sales and delivery, almost everything is.

Get this:

Best Buy adopts a delivery approach that allows it to ship your goods to you from any of its more than 400 stores. This means that Best Buy is faster in its delivery than even Amazon.

In addition:

Best Buy offers a same-day delivery service in select areas, delivering orders by 9 pm of that very day.


Shipping with Best Buy is mostly done via FedEx, UPS, and USPS couriers.

And then:

My Best Buy Program

My Best Buy ProgramMy Best Buy is a store membership program launched by Best Buy designed to encourage you to purchase in greater quantities.


  • You gain Best Buy points for every dollar you spend.
    • These points translate to roughly 2 cents each
  • You get discounts and other store rewards with your program membership.
    • You can increase your membership status to Elite and Elite Plus with $1500 and $3500 respectively.
  • Improved membership leads to increased benefits.

There is also the My Best Buy credit card that has yet other benefits.

Remember; You, are Happier.


  • Online Solutions

For greater ease, the retailer has created its own mobile app with which you can:

  • Look over current bargains and sales event
  • Find Best Buy stores near you
  • Take charge of your My Best Buy program membership

And all with your phone. Get it on Google Play Store here


Best Buy also offers a price match to local competing retailers and certain online retailers.

Terms and conditions apply, of course.

  • In Conclusion

With subsidiaries and brands like Geek Squad and Pacific Sales, Best Buy might just be the solution you never knew you needed.