Retail Stores

The term retail is used to describe the sale of services or goods. It involves the sale of a product to a consumer for the consumer’s own use. Retail transactions are much different than wholesale transactions. The former relates to small amounts of products. As for wholesale transactions, they may involve the purchase of large quantities of products.

Although online transactions may sit into the retail category, they’re slightly different. Retail stores are physical establishments. The United States is home to many retail stores, including Walmart, Target, Ace Hardware, Tractor Supply, Gamestop, and more.

Retail Stores

In a retail store, the retailer is the store in question. As an example, say you buy a bottle of cologne from Walmart. In this type of situation, Walmart would be the retailer. Retail stores involve a handful of establishments from different categories.

Although CVS is a pharmacy, it would still classify as a retail store. The same can be said for Gamestop. While it sells video games, it is still a retail store. There are retail stores of all shapes and sizes. Some are large while others are small.

They can have a few workers or hundreds. Nevertheless, you buy products when you visit a retail store in your area.

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